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  1. Steve Rodriguez March 1, 2016 at 11:40 am

    This device really should be your first upgrade. Immediate upgrade to the drive, feel, and response of your car. Excellent customer service and rapid response for support, I can’t give a stronger recommendation for this product.

  2. I have been running this package since August 2015 with a Perrin intake tube and a Perrin drop in filter on a stock exhaust.
    I am very happy with the results, the idle is a lot smoother and the power gain is just great. The torque dip even if present a little on the dyno chart, the street feeling is that it is GONE. The car is pulling hard up to the red line from gear to gear without any hesitation. And the rumble makes it just perfect!
    The tablet gives complete control over your monitoring of choice, you can push your car while keeping an eye on critical heat levels, that with the ability to flash the new tune/logging and much more, makes it the perfect companion for any BRZ/FRS lovers.
    The build quality of the header is also perfect fit, the material and craftsmanship are very high quality.
    The service is without any question matching in quality, I have asked many questions before my purchase that were all answered in very explicit and timely manners.
    In summary I have nothing but a very very good review for this package!!
    I highly recommend the combo package for those who are looking for a more aggressive BRZ/FRS.

    JM Lussier
    Qc. Ca.

  3. Easy to use and power increase is noticeable, especially at high RPM.

  4. John D. Corbitt III March 7, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Best HP/$ increase available. This is my third application with OFT (GT86, NC, ND). I am Looking forward to the OFH for the ND. The customer Support from Open Flash Performance is second to none.


  5. Very impressed with just a Cold air intake and stage 1 tune.waiting on header so I can run stage 2 uel.worth the money very good investment

  6. If you are not using an OpenFlash Tablet on your car then you are wasting your time. ECUTek is nice for people who live near a dyno or a dealer for their products, but OpenFlash is for absolutely everyone. Extremely easy to use, following the directions online makes it foolproof to put the correct file in your car. Absolutely the first mod that should be done to your GT86/BRZ.

  7. Christian Shull April 3, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Shiv is the man. This tablet is awesome. The gain in rpm from 7450 to 7600 really helps the 0-60 time. You can feel the power gain. Im running uel intake lightweight pulleys. This is the perfect match for the FRS. Launch control i set to 2900 and flat foot shifting to 5600. This is the Best thanks again.

  8. Great product have been running it for the past year, throttle is crispy, shifts way stronger, I’m also running a arrow evo 2 short TI exhaust system putting down power 193 WHP, great customer service from shiv highly recommend it, over all huge improvement from factory settings highly recommended.

  9. Customer service is great. And if you are feeling skeptical about tuning your car with this thing. Don’t because shiv stands behind this product and will go as far as making all the adjustments for you. I could not be more pleased and, if e85 is in your area don’t hesitate because it feels like a whole different car on e85. Hands don’t the best upgrade I could have ever made..

  10. jason learned May 19, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    very happy with the header and tablet, really opens the engine up and made the car a whole different animal. Worth every penny in my book should be the first mod anyone does to there car.

  11. Thank you Shiv, excellent service, easy installation and noticeable difference to plain vanilla car. My first tuning and happy as a clam. Now I have to save money for the header. I was very impressed how easy it was to update the ECU. Thanks again.

  12. So I Can Use This As For My First Mod On My Frs? I Was Planning Too Get The Pulley Kit & An Slicone Tube With The Drop In Filter. Would It Still Work?

    • Yes, of course. The OFT is the perfect first modification. No other hardware/parts required. But you can still add the pulley and silicone tube/drop-in filter if you’d like.

  13. Or Uel Headers After The Open Flash Tablet?

    • Headers should always come after (or at the same time as) the OFT. Or you will get compromised performance and a check-engine light.

  14. Ok Thank You.
    So For Ex , If I Get The OFT , Then Maybe A Month Later I Get Uel Headers. I Just Go On the OFT N Switch Too Stage 1 Uel Headers… Correct?

  15. I Also Have A Another Question So If I’m Running 91 , Can I Also Switch Too E85? Does The OFT Include It? Or How Does That Work.

    • Yes, you can run E85 but running your tank of gasoline reasonably empty, filling up wth E85 and then switching to the E85 tune.

  16. Planning on getting one of these,heard great reviews. Any deals on these for local pick up right now?

  17. Planning on getting an OFT soon, does the OFT support a turbo set up? And Im in the works of building the FA20 internally, will the OFT support that or should I just pro tune it?

    • Yes, the OFT supports both turbo and superchargers. The one we have done the most work with is the Speed By Designs turbo kit and Greddy turbo kit. We have over 200 customers that we have e-tuned with those kits. All excellent results.

  18. OMFG!

    This thing is amazing! Drive a 2015 FRS and this has made my current mods even better. Picked mine up directly from the shop. I didnt ask the guys name who I met with but he helped me install the stage one tune. The car is totally change just pulling out of the parking things felt dramatically changed couldn’t wait to hit the road.


    Definitely gonna pick up the uel headers soon.

    Thank You

  19. Hi Shiv – been reading good reviews online and then SpeedElement recommended you for my 2015 BRZ. Only mods are exhaust and air filter; is that stage 1? If so, I’ll call you to come and pick up as I am very local.

    • Yes, that is a Stage 1 set-up. Stage 2 is when you go with a performance header. Pls email us to set up a time to pick up whatever you need. We usually install the OFT on the spot while you are here 🙂

  20. Myke Highfield June 19, 2016 at 10:47 am

    Bought this header for my 2014 BRZ in mid 2014 because 1. I already had the OFT and 2. After hours of pouring over the pictures, videos, and other info, or lack thereof in some cases, of these as well as others on the market I took the leap and ordered. After a slight, and totally understandable, delay due to the california dockworker strike, during which customer service did an awesome job keeping me posted with updates, I received my Header. I must say I was definitely impressed and can say the pictures are almost not a good enough representation of how truly nice and beautifully built and crafted these are almost like an intended piece/work of art. I had zero problems in any respect with this item from the time I received and installed them until the untimely demise of my precious BRZ a cpl most ago. Fit, finish, performance, quality, and sound are all second to none. I will both be getting another twin as well as another OFH in the near future, maybe ill try the new version(wasn’t available @ time I bought initially) this time with the integrated over pipe and have absolutely no reservations about it whatsoever. Would, have, and always will recommend this to anyone and everyone I can.

  21. I went with the stage 1 tune as it seemed to be the best choice for my bone stock 2016 BRZ. What a difference!!! This is what this car has been missing from the factory.

    Upon first starting the car it sounded different at idle and when you give it a little rev. When driving it really feels different to match that sound. At the stop sign leaving my neighborhood, I noticed that I didn’t have to rev the engine nearly as high to get it moving. Getting on it in first, the torque felt a lot better then around 6k or so I got a definite bump in power. It felt almost though I had a slight Honda vtec action.

    I was skeptical, but it really was worth the $500! Many thanks for your hard work and the info posted by modbargains regarding this mod. I’m very pleased.

    I plan to add a nameless header and pipe in the coming weeks. I’ll check back with you before picking a tune.

  22. Walter Vasquez July 28, 2016 at 5:37 am

    just got my OFT ordered it at FT86 SpeedFactory and my goodness its worth the $499 price tag. installation was straightforward, and the gain on the stage 2 uel header tune is very nice. linear torque on basically the whole rev band. will definitely recommend it. great product OFT team TY.

  23. Product is great but I wish they would reply faster

  24. I ordered the OFT about a month ago and I’m amazed with the difference I seen in my 2013 BRZ. I have a Borla unequal header, Nvidia N1 Exhaust, Nvidia over pipe and Nvidia Catless front pipe with resonator. I swap the stock air filter for a K&N filter for the BRZ. I don’t notice the torque dip anymore. Great addition to my exhaust. I plan to get a Edlebrock super charger for my BRZ sometime in the next couple months. Is there an E-tune for that super charger setup with the BRZ?

  25. I paired this header with the tablet and all I can say is GAINZ! This combo definitely helps out during track days and the fit and finish is one of the best I’ve seen. Shiv really knows his stuff and I recommend this setup for anyone.

  26. Hi I really love the open flash tablet with my tomei uel, tomei overpipe, blitz nur cti quad exhaust and intake. I was wondering if this supports the Sprintex 210 Supercharger and e85 flex fuel kit. Your help would be very appreciated. Thanks Shiv!


  27. does this work as well with auto trans?

  28. I love how this product smooths out the overall performance of the car. It is smoother and faster all around! I installed UEL headers, an S type cat back exhaust, and a drop in high flow filter beforehand, but noticed nominal performance increase from the mods until I received the OFT and loaded the stage 2 UEL pump gas tune. I can’t wait to try the E85 one.

  29. What tune do i use for Australian model running 98 octane gas

  30. I’ve had the OFT for a about a week now and I have to say It makes the car feel completely different, it picks up speed faster and it pulls a lot even on 2nd gear. I only have one question.. I just bought the HKS Super Hybrid Drop In Air Filter, do I have to re-flash the ECU for it to read it?

  31. ITS A MUST!!! I have a 13 FRS with injen intake, torque solution light weight crank pulley, UEL borla headers, borla over pipe and mid pipe along with borla catback exhaust. The results were awesome, I had been running my car with out the proper tune for a while. But after deciding to get the OFT and loading the 91oct UEL header tune my car transformed! The gains were highly noticeable, acceleration was much faster, smoother idles and torque dip was unnoticeable while driving around in the city. Can’t wait to try E85 and see what other great performance increases I can obtain. Best mod I’ve bought so far, for sure.
    Thank you Shiv for the help and thank you OFT!!!

  32. does this item works for automatic and manual ?

  33. I just tuned my car to staged one but the car feels wired it feels weak for some reason do I have drive more feel the gains ? or i did wrong

  34. now feels it amazing I feel the different great product

  35. Vithoune Vignarath February 18, 2017 at 12:57 am

    Love the product, easy to use. Been running it on manzo catted headers to full non resonated TRD exhaust stage2 EL E85 tune, circuit werks full lightweight pulleys, ACT pro-light flywheel and clutch, Toshi Driveshaftshop single aluminum and Crawford power blocks. I got to say, all the difference in the world when the tune brings those basic bolt on to life and freeing up to 15% more power to the wheels.

  36. As someone who has never tinkered with anything computer-related on her car, I can say the process was fairly easy and quick.

    I noticed the difference immediately, and this was with the conservative Stage 1 tune. There was no longer that “lag” in between shifts (where normally I have to rev it fairly high to avoid that feeling), and it just felt “peppier.” It’s the same power bump I felt when I added an intake/exhaust to my 2010 Mustang GT, which was about 12-15hp. This weekend I will do some 3rd gear pulls and send the logs in, so that I can get the okay for Stage 2, which I have on hand. I cannot wait to order the header, and see those gains!

    The only suggestion I have is to make it more implicit that when the tablet says “ignition on,” you don’t start the engine, you simply press the Start button without engaging the clutch, so the dash lights come on. (I think I read that part on the forums, but in my excitement I may have forgotten!)

    I would also like to note I received prompt emails back, the first within a couple of hours, and then quick replies to my questions within minutes, which was awesome.

  37. does this item works for 2017 BRZ?
    Also, what tune do I use for Israeli running 98 octane?


    • Yes, the OFT supports all model years (including 2017) and all international and domestic market cars. Your 98 RON is similar to our 93 RON+MON/2 fuel which we have in the US.

  38. Can only repeat every positive review here
    What a great product, easy to use and fast.
    The change was noticeable immediately
    Torque dip fixed basically with only a Grimm Speed CAI, seriously think I’ll do headers next!
    Haven’t tried E85 yet but will try in another tank or two after playing with stage 1 a bit.

    Love Ya Work Shiv


  39. This is the punch you need for your Abarth. Increased drive-ability in normal mode and sport mode just makes the car nasty. Cant wait to try stage 2 once new diverter valve comes in. Would buy again for another vehicle.

  40. Great good product excellent. I’m from France and no pity no job mode in French not obvious to Understand to activate options

  41. Made 192hp and 152ftlb @ all aspects with skunk 2 intake, uel oft stg 2, eBay header, over pipe, front pipe and cat back.

  42. Does the tuning get affected if you reset Ecu

  43. Finally got mine installed (I had no time; or tuner had no time, either way…)
    Went from stock 193 horsepower to a safe 215 with some margin left. Running on 98 octane (European standard)
    Adding a Takeda AFE next followed by some fine tuning. Expecting 225 to 230 horsepower which is sweet indeed
    Only difficulty of the whole install was the removal of the old overpipe 🙂
    Pipes feel very solid indeed and the sound adds just enough to stock . Not overly lound with a nice rasp in it
    In all, highly advised !!

  44. I went for the OpenFlash ECU tuning option for a number of reasons; we live over 500 km way away from any experienced Toyota 86 specialists for a custom tune, their install quotes and licence fees were too high, I like the DIY option and being able to upgrade, switch tunes and have a custom tune into the future, it gave me the opportunity to learn about the various tuning parameters (I’m and old-skool guy coming from a distributor and carburettors!) and also un-marry and sell or swap to another car. All up it seemed to be a convenient and cost effective solution to my tuning needs. I’d highly recommend this product which has made a huge difference to the driveability of my 86. The main benefit is the improved throttle response which has actually made the car a lot more satisfying to drive – I’ve always had difficulty consistently matching the clutch, throttle and gear changing in the 86 during spirited driving and this tune really improves the feel of the throttle. There is definitely a useful increase in lower end power (enough to be really noticeable from the driving seat) and the fuel economy has improved slightly too. Definitely the best mod I’ve done to my 86.

  45. Made a huge difference in the drivability and even the exhaust tone of my 2006.
    Easy to use, and a custom tune for life.

  46. I had a previous ‘money back’ guaranteed tune by another tuner and the results were undetectable by the ‘butt dyno’, so I got my money back. I purchased an OFT and had some issues downloading the software, which turned out to be my PC. Shiv was very helpful during this initial phase. So the OFT Stage 1 tune is a detectable performance increase across the rev range, the car definetly feels more sprightly across the whole rev range and is transformed in the upper rev range. On the track my car feels like it has a different engine above 6000rpm, it revs cleanly to the higher rev limit with no hesitation unlike the standard factory tune. The higher rev limit also allows the car to hold a lower gear on some sections of my regularly attended track where previously I needed to change up gears even briefly, to maintain momentum. Biggest decision now is – am I happy with just the OFT and my aftermarket muffler or do I get the OFH as well.

  47. Adrian McMahon July 4, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    To be honest, I was not expecting much. How much was Mazda really going to leave on the table? After a couple of days of very hard driving, I am, ahem, floored. Much better than I was expecting. The difference is clear above 4k rpm (maybe a bit lower). A stronger pull all the way to redline. The additional redline room makes it much easier to keep in the sweet spot.

    I’m very glad I got this. Money well spend.

  48. When I found this company online I was a bit skeptical because I was used to companies like Fabspeed, Capristo and so on. Felt comfortable dealing with them on my Ferrari needs. However, being a natural risk taker I reached out to OpenFlash and got a quick response from Shiv. Within 5 minutes I realized Shiv and OpenFlash are the real deal. We set up the appointment to have my Ferrai tuned at his shop in Hayward. The process was easy and thorough. Shiv backed up my ECU’s and flashed with new updates containing all of the custom settings we discussed. The results were night and day and I am thrilled. I truly did not think an average guy like me would be able to feel a difference but I was wrong. It is awesome and the car goes from pure awesome to insane awesome. Most important was that the crappy jerk you feel on deceleration was gone and replaced with this amazing gurgling of my Akrapovic exhaust. No more hard jerks back and forth on decel. OpenFlash is a legit player in the Ferrai space. Proceed with confidence and make your amazing Ferrai even more amazing.

  49. Correction above…..I meant to give it 5 stars!!! The 4 stars is a mistake on my part.

  50. While I enjoy driving my 458, I have always been frustrated by its on/off switch throttle response behavior which makes transitions between acceleration and deceleration clumsy at best. I attributed this behavior to its silly dual-mode exhaust with its gimmicky switching system and restricted exhaust flow. After installing a comprehensive engine upgrade package including high-flow headers, cats, mufflers, intake components, and an ECU flash on my 458, I was disappointed to discover that the throttle response issue was still present and that the engine did not feel significantly stronger as a result of the upgrades. When I read about OpenFlash’s approach to tuning the 458, which included addressing the on/off throttle behavior, I was very excited to try it out. OpenFlash offered a number of options for their ECU tuning and this allowed me to fine tune the engine’s response to fit my needs exactly. They completely eliminated the on/off switch throttle response making my 458 much more enjoyable to drive. Frankly, this alone would have justified the costs involved but to my further delight, their engine performance upgrades unleashed the full potential of my modified 458 and now the car is a rocketship! Way beyond my expectations! Truly the best money I have ever spent on the car. Working with OpenFlash was a very enjoyable experience as they worked tirelessly to fine tune their product to make my car behave just the way I wanted it to and delivered on all of their promises. My highest recommendation!

  51. Cer works perfectly and pulls strong. Definitely a good bang per buck?

  52. It works perfectly and it also diagnosis fault codes as well Really! Awesome tuning tool miles beyond a PCV. Save money time and swearing at the bike for lost time installing other options and get an open flash tablet.

  53. 2017 BRZ is a Magical Pegasus Unicorn
    Experience quick review (About a week into usage)

    -Stage 1 v3.01 tune (Stock engine on 91)
    Technically I have a catback but that is just for the sound upgrade ^_^ This stage 1 is a teaser tune for whats to come. Yes you can still feel the torque dip but when you hit the torque wall you find that it’s been covered in softer Nerf material now and the clime over back into power seems shorter. I think Stage 1 is not enough to warrant a $500 price tag IMO if you are looking to set it and forget it (NOTE: Real value for the OFT comes to life in everything beyond the stage 1 tune).

    -Stag 2+ E85 v3.01 (BAD BAD BAD)
    -Stage 2+ E85 v3.0 (OMG, shut up and take my money!)
    -Stage 2+E85 v3.02 (TBA…Can I Haz Sports Car?)
    Some hiccups but awesomeness afterwords. Basically during the Labor Day weekend the astrological alignment was anti me and threw Stage 2+ E85 v3.01 tune my way. All my original roms/tunes came from OpenFlash emails as I was shipped an Older OFT from FT86SpeedFactory 🙁 The portion of the tune that specifically makes it an E85 tune was missing from the rom (Labeled E85 but really a gasoline tune). I will admit that I was gun-hoe about jumping into E85 without knowing what I was doing, but the rom did read E85 in it’s file name and I was even given confirmation via Openflash email that yes that I should use that rom for my setup if I want to run E85 (My setup = Stock Header). With all that said I drove around 30+ miles on this bad v3.01 E85 tune thinking E85 was a scam as my car felt weird and unstable but with some help from the FT86 forum I was able to get a working E85 rom aka Stage 2+ E85 v3.0 aka the take my money! tune. Long story short there was some mistakes made, learning the hard way happenings but eventually magic conquered all, once I was running on Stage 2+ E85 v3.0 which is crazy good! Torque dip, where? Ok so ya it’s not 100% completely gone but I’m freaking stock and the change is from night to day for me. The progression of your acceleration feels like a different car (in a good way) It’s just buttery smooth acceleration now. On E85 with your OFT tune you get gains that feel like, up up up up and away when previously it was up down up up and away but more then just that every “up” is really and “up+” with the OFT.

    Why 5-Starz? Even after some issues with getting a crummy tune (Nobody’s Perfect) and much time spent hunting down via the forums for a usable E85 tune (at OpenFlash, everybody’s busy busy) the gains for me are well worth $500 and are magical Pegasus Unicorn status.

    “Your 86 is now the Pegasus Unicorn… you only need do now is to fly ^_^”

  54. Just bought this recently and wrote the Stage 1 tune to my FR-S. Some may say that it has a minimal difference, but if you’ve driven your car stock for quite awhile, except for changing out the exhaust and air intake, you will notice the difference. I had some issues with getting the tablet to load the correct tune, but Shiv was quick to respond by email and resolved it with no problem. This is definitely a great investment if you simply want a little more out of your car or you are just getting started on your build.

  55. Fantastic flash for KTM 1290 SDR. Excellent AFR & gains verified on our dyno

  56. Jerome Dominic Neri October 11, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Before the OFT I had the Power Commander. All it could do was correct the A/F ratio and power gains were minimal and only at the very top. With the OFT, did not gain much up top but the midrange gain and torque is massive. Power comes in a lot harder and ealier where it really matters most. This is the best investment on my bike.

  57. Mario Quintanilla October 15, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Wow! We’re do I start!!! Service 5 Stars, Support 5 Stars, Products 5 Stars, Performance Improvement 5 Stars

    Overall, Shiv and his OFT products turned my 2014 BRZ with OFT+OFTH2, Flex FuelKit, with aFe Takeda Dual Muffler Catback from bust to MONEY!!! We all know the stock BRZ needs a little help and this package without question is the best boost for the money for your every day driver or street ride. (My Car does not see the Track). The Launch Control mixed with E85 leaves rubber through the intersection and through 3rd gear. The low rubble of the boxster note is amazing, and you WILL Love it!.
    I think this is the key point as I am not mechical as I am a computer geek who loves speed. I had my local mechanic install the gear and Shiv and his support walked me through the tuning process which was simple and painless! If you are searching to get some Extra Performance out of your BRZ or equivalent this is the investment for you!

    Thank you Shiv and Your Team!!!

  58. Easy way to increase performance, not like it really needed any more, but also cleaned up the throttle very nicely. Smooth on-off transitions in any gear. Quickshifter (2017 Tuono) is way better, didn’t think you could improve it but this really does. Haven’t really had a chance to really feel all the improvements because of the weather but from my short ride all I can say is WOW!

  59. The launch control apply for automatic transmission???

  60. Stage 2 map for 1100 is super smooth. Like it a lot.

  61. Worth every penny. Not only
    Does my bike spit fire, make more power, runs smoother, the entire process was incredibly easy. Shiv is always responsive and maintains stellar customer support. I sell Aprilia and KTM for a living and I recommend the OFT to every single one of my customers . Get the most out of your bike, riding anything less would be just plane silly.

  62. Does the OFT have a 93 octane tune? I’ve read that if you have fully upgraded exhaust system and run 93 the 91 stage 2 tune would work fine but I wasn’t too sure.

  63. Phillip A Sandoval February 12, 2018 at 10:54 am

    I have a question are these plug and play for the 2017 Toyota 86 or would I have to download updates or files to the tablet?

    • Some Calibration Codes are still very new, and may require you to manually upload the free tune files.

  64. THE OFT for the 1290 is brilliant and the support from Shiv is 1st class.
    After a lot of intake and exhaust modifications to my bike and all kinds of dyno runs with the full powercommander package (PCV, ignition module, autotune, POD300 datalogger & quickshifter) I could get a fairly average map at least.
    When I received the OFT I flashed my bike and sold all my powercommander gear.
    With the OFT, a few dyno runs and a few different maps from Shiv I now have an almost perfect AFR and my power and torque figures are now the highest they’ve ever been. The bike runs like a dream. The datalogging and error code clearing are an excellent bonus.
    I wish I had this solution back in 2014. It would have saved me a lot of time, money and heartache.

  65. Very happy with the purchase of the Tablet, over a year ago…. AND the Header just around a month ago… These MUST BE the first things you do. I sell Subaru, when I get into a test drive for a BRZ I almost hate it LOL… It really is that big of a difference… THANK YOU SHIV.

  66. This product is awesome.

    As i went down this road i had my concerns about ecu upgrades etc as im a bit green in this area, but Shiv really showed me not only does he have a easy to use product His service and honesty really stood out, integrity is a hard find in today’s world.

    Thanks again

  67. Hi shiv i will be purchasing the oft this friday and i had a question.

    i just installed a sbd 500x kit, with sbd front pipe over pipe, nvidia n1 exhaust, mishimoto radiator, cusco oil catch can, and a greddy profec 2 boost controller. i plan on setting the boost to 10-11 lbs so is there a base map for a set up like this?

    • We do not supply basemap/free tune files for force induction applications. You’d need to purchase a custom e-tune with us.

  68. was wondering if this works on 2017 Toyota 86 automatic transmission

  69. I own a JDM 86 and this was a good choice to start off with modding. Since the car is mostly stock, I can now feel a definitive improvement in throttle and lower end power. I can only imagine what there is to be had at higher modification and tuning levels. My only nitpick was that the tablet wasn’t plug and play for me out of box because my car is JDM most likely and I’m not sure if OFT gets a lot of Japanese customers to justify preloading the tunes for JDM cars. I quick email of the ID requested to support and Shiv was quick to respond in less than a day with the appropriate tunes for my car. I recommend Shiv and his product as a first mod for any experience level. I will be coming back soon enough as I hope to get the header and overpipe package as well. Thank you again Shiv for the help and the enjoyment provided by the OFT for my 86.

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