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While our free off-the-shelf (OTS) tuning files provide excellent performance and drivability, custom e-tuning is a great option for those demanding maximum performance and tuning optimization. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided to you by our tuning staff to achieve the desired results!

As an custom e-tuning customer, your contributions will involve data logging your vehicle during a test, saving the log to your PC (from your tablet), and then request a map update via our scheduler.

Our tuning staff will review your datalog, revise your custom tune and send you a new program to load onto your ECU and datalog again.

This process will be repeated until the tune is optimized for power and safety. This careful process can takes several days to weeks to finalize depending on your vehicles configuration.

Service Includes:

  • Power and drivability optimization
  • Description/explanation of customized mapping changes (upon request)


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