OFT+OFH2 Combo Package

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OEM Header Gaskets *

To prevent exhaust leaks which may cause fault codes, we highly recommend replacing gaskets during installation.

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3 reviews for OFT+OFH2 Combo Package

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    JM Lussier

    I have been running this package since August 2015 with a Perrin intake tube and a Perrin drop in filter on a stock exhaust.
    I am very happy with the results, the idle is a lot smoother and the power gain is just great. The torque dip even if present a little on the dyno chart, the street feeling is that it is GONE. The car is pulling hard up to the red line from gear to gear without any hesitation. And the rumble makes it just perfect!
    The tablet gives complete control over your monitoring of choice, you can push your car while keeping an eye on critical heat levels, that with the ability to flash the new tune/logging and much more, makes it the perfect companion for any BRZ/FRS lovers.
    The build quality of the header is also perfect fit, the material and craftsmanship are very high quality.
    The service is without any question matching in quality, I have asked many questions before my purchase that were all answered in very explicit and timely manners.
    In summary I have nothing but a very very good review for this package!!
    I highly recommend the combo package for those who are looking for a more aggressive BRZ/FRS.

    JM Lussier
    Qc. Ca.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    jason learned (verified owner)

    very happy with the header and tablet, really opens the engine up and made the car a whole different animal. Worth every penny in my book should be the first mod anyone does to there car.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mario Quintanilla (verified owner)

    Wow! We’re do I start!!! Service 5 Stars, Support 5 Stars, Products 5 Stars, Performance Improvement 5 Stars

    Overall, Shiv and his OFT products turned my 2014 BRZ with OFT+OFTH2, Flex FuelKit, with aFe Takeda Dual Muffler Catback from bust to MONEY!!! We all know the stock BRZ needs a little help and this package without question is the best boost for the money for your every day driver or street ride. (My Car does not see the Track). The Launch Control mixed with E85 leaves rubber through the intersection and through 3rd gear. The low rubble of the boxster note is amazing, and you WILL Love it!.
    I think this is the key point as I am not mechical as I am a computer geek who loves speed. I had my local mechanic install the gear and Shiv and his support walked me through the tuning process which was simple and painless! If you are searching to get some Extra Performance out of your BRZ or equivalent this is the investment for you!

    Thank you Shiv and Your Team!!!

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