EPA and CARB Compliance

Openflash Performance Inc. takes emissions compliance for street driven automobiles very seriously. We are at the forefront of our industry in terms of product offerings for user-end diagnostic equipment and hardware sales.

Our position in this industry comes with the responsibility and trust of the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the California Air Resources Board, to remain compliant and help our clients maintain emissions control on any vehicle suited/designated for public highways.

The state of California regulates automobile aftermarket parts which have the potential to change, impact, or remove emissions control on any smog controlled vehicle. In some cases, the sale and use of the aftermarket part may be prohibited with the exception of replacement parts (as defined by the state of California), or specific authorized use of that part granted by California A.R.B. which includes or has an Executive Order.

California law defines a racing vehicle as "a competition vehicle not used on public highways." (Calif. Health & Safety Code 39048).

It is any chassis/vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure that a car which does not comply with emission control never gets driven on a public highway. For more information about the emissions law in your region, please contact any local inspection stations for details.

By signing below I,  , acknowledge and agree that I have read the above statement, understand, and agree with its context and stipulations. I understand that I may be purchasing hardware that has the potential to impact the emissions status of my vehicle and force my vehicle to be unfit for public highways. I understand that Openflash Performance Inc. hereby disclaims and releases any and all liability resulting from the incorrect use, installation, or failure of compliance I may incur by being non-compliant with all state and federal laws.

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