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Please see the notes below about our tuning service, fuel injector upgrades, and Flex-Fuel Kit custom tuning before making your purchase.

While our free off-the-shelf (OTS) tuning files provide excellent performance and drive-ability, custom e-tuning is a great option for those demanding maximum performance and tuning optimization. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided to you by our tuning staff to achieve the desired results!

As an custom e-tuning customer, your contributions will involve data logging your vehicle during a test, saving the log to your PC (from your tablet), and then request a map update via our scheduler.

Our tuning staff will review your datalog, revise your custom tune and send you a new program to load onto your ECU and datalog again.

This process will be repeated until the tune is optimized for power and safety. This careful process can takes several days to weeks to finalize depending on your vehicles configuration.

Service Includes:

  • Power and drivability optimization
  • Description/explanation of customized mapping changes (upon request)

About Fuel Injector Upgrades

Please choose the ‘Aftermarket’ fuel injector option if you’ve replaced your OEM fuel injectors.

-> For GT86 owners: Please understand that upgraded fuel injectors are almost NEVER necessary. OEM fuel injectors can support over 350WHP on E85 with a turbo kit.

Installing “upgraded” fuel injectors will add cost to your project. It will increase the time required to tune your car, have the effect of compromising your vehicle drive-ability and idle quality, and make custom tuning more costly.

If you have any questions about your fuel injectors (or if they need to be upgraded) please email us first before purchasing your custom e-tune.

About Flex-Fuel Kit Tuning

Please choose the “Yes” option if you have installed a Flex-Fuel Kit, and require a tune that is self-adjusting based on Ethanol Content via sensor.

This selection is necessary because we will be tuning your vehicle twice. Once with regular fuel, and again with a high concentration of ethanol based fuel.


2 reviews for Custom e-Tuning by Openflash Performance

  1. ryan_shephard (verified owner)

    I purchased the HKS 12001-KT003A for my 2017 Toyota 86 (If you have newer than 2016 1/2, DON’T make my mistake! Purchase the 12001-KT003 and save your money on the programmer cost! >_< I was the "test subject" on the tune for this Supercharger setup. Your tune should be much quicker than mine, since the hard work has already been done!) I had a few time-related issues during the busy Summer months, but was worth it in the end! My tablet with the OB2 Bluetooth Interface can no longer read the HP and Torque settings properly, as exceeding the G sensors capability… (Reading in excess of 400 HP, but suspect North of 300 HP! The 2016 1/2 and earlier, with the programmer was only set up to a max of 275 HP and 230 lb/ft and 8 psi on 93 octane. I tested on 91 Octane (The generic Canadian "high" octane) to confirm would run on what I might be only able to get in certain towns. Was up to just South of 300 HP and 240 lb/ft and 9.43psi while my tablet could still reliably read the HP and torque. Am currently running 94 octane from Chevron, and noticed an significant increase in power through the entire range! I will now have to source out a local Dyno to find out the REAL results! This car is SCARY fast now!

  2. degeneratemotoring (verified owner)

    The tune was for use in conjunction with OpenFlash Performance’s ft86 flex fuel kit. I received the base file super quick and the review/changes didn’t take long at all. The car runs perfect and a noticeable difference compared to the OTS tunes. Would recommend/10.

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