Openflash Performance GT86 Flex-Fuel Kit – for FR-S/BRZ/GT86 (2012 to 2016)

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This is the only GT86 flex-fuel system on the market utilizing premium fuel system components manufactured by XRP Inc., designed to withstand E85 and higher ethanol blended fuels.

Unlike other GT86 flex fuel kits constructed with inferior CPE (synthetic rubber) hoses, our kit utilizes PTFE (teflon) hose that is 100% ethanol/multi-fuel compatible; including harsh fuel additive found in todays refined pump and race fuels.

Over time, synthetic rubber lines can dry-rot and breakdown from the inside out, leaving you stranded or at worst, with a fire hazard! Yikes! Teflon lines will last the life of your car making this a one time purchase with no maintence required.

If you care to learn more about what makes this system right for you, please read this article by Hotrod Magazine that explains the difference between CPE and PTFE fuel hose.

Please note that a customized flex fuel tune is required to run this kit.  Currently, OFT tunes are only available for BOTH 6AT and 6MT vehicles (2012-2016).  OpenFlash Tablet users can purchase a custom tune here.

*OpenFlash Tablet is NOT included.  It must be purchased separately.

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Dimensions 1 × 7 × 11 in

1 review for Openflash Performance GT86 Flex-Fuel Kit – for FR-S/BRZ/GT86 (2012 to 2016)

  1. degeneratemotoring (verified owner)

    I’ve been running the kit for a few weeks now and wanted to give it a little time before I left an initial review. The installation process is super simple and well documented, taking all the guesswork out of the installation process. The kit works flawlessly with the OFT (as you would imagine) and the sensor updates virtually in real time. The included fuel lines are extremely high quality and the exact length you’d need for the installation. The wiring harness is well made with tons of extra length for cable routing. The kit comes with everything you would need for the installation, minus the line disconnect tool (which costs ~$6). All in all the install took about 30 minutes or so. This kit is exactly what i’d expect from Open Flash Performance… High quality components for the right price!

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